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Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

I’ve just got to share this story with you! Last Monday, during Science class, I decided to take the opportunity to talk about Earth Day with my 3rd graders (we had just wrapped up a unit on the Water Cycle and Clouds). I started out the class with a cute video about all the things we can do to help the planet this Earth Day, which evidently led to LOTS of questions. My grade 3s wanted to know all about recycling, and energy, and renewable energy, and growing food, and water treatment. Seriously, they wanted to know about everything!

Seeing that drive in my students’ eyes, I thought to myself: hmm, maybe I should do more Earth Day lessons with them, not just for Science class.

So, I proposed that we do something special on April 22nd, perhaps pick up some litter, and went as far as making a video for the entire school about the importance of Earth Day.

Needless to say, our 2 hours together eventually had to come to a close. Therefore, I went about my day, as usual. 

I ate my lunch. Did some evaluating. Checked my emails. Prepped my cart.

Come afternoon recess, I just happened to be making my way from the staff room to my office when suddenly I realized my grade 3s were hurrying past me with large garbage bags and surgical gloves.  Not 1, 3, or 5 students, but all 19 of them (sadly, 4 were out sick that day). They turned to me and, with bright eyes, exclaimed: “We’re cleaning up all the trash, Ms. Hope!!!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears!!! 😍 And you know what? They did the same exact thing the following day. 

That moment there, that’s the moment we all go into teaching for. Am I right???!

That’s why I go into school every day, hoping I might spark a fire in my students, and open their eyes so they may realize that: YES. They truly can make a difference in the world! They have the power, the will, and the imagination! 

Love them to bits, all 23 of those kiddos.  

Wishing you a week filled with happy bright-eyed moments.

In honor of Earth Day, I’ve got 4 resources you can use this year with your elementary school students, which are sure to inspire them to become little activists! Or at least pique their interest when comes to learning about our planet, and hopefully get them excited about this very special and important celebration!

Help Our Planet Brochure

This research pamphlet is the perfect way to kick off your Earth Day unit! It requires students to write about Earth Day’s history and significance in their own words. It will have them looking up amazing facts about planet Earth, and outlining how others can help clean up and preserve our precious planet. Lastly, this trifold also requires students to reflect on their own daily practices that help reduce their carbon footprint.

Snag It Here

FREE Earth Day Creative Writing Prompts

Have you been searching for Earth Day creative writing prompts that will truly inspire your elementary students this April? Look no further, because I’ve got the perfect resource for you! This freebie includes opinion writing, a fictional narrative, and letter writing prompts. I know my students like to have “free choice” when it comes to their writing assignments, so I definitely like to provide them with structured choices. Additionallythis free resource also comes with 2 cute writing templates.

Grab This Freebie Here 

Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters Brochure

Get students pumped about researching fascinating topics such as tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme thunderstorms, ice storms, landslides, floods, and any other topics related to climate change! Of course, this resource isn’t limited to extreme weather or natural disasters that are caused by global warming and human causes. However, it does require students to reflect on WHEN it happens, WHERE it happens, and (needless to say) WHY it happens. Moreover, students must research HOW, as in How we can prepare or prevent these events/disasters from happening? In addition to the causes & effects of students’ chosen topic.

Check It Out Here

Earth Day Morning Slides

What better way to kick off Earth Day week than this cute and adorable morning slide template?! Add reminders, an Earth Day-related joke in there, in addition to the day’s agenda, and you’re sure to have your students engaged, on-task, and motivated to start their week! So easy to customize, a 6-year-old could do it! These Google Slides templates literally only take 5 minutes of my time to prepare each and every day!

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Like this cute template? You can snag your copy of my Simple School Supply Morning Slides (with timer) for FREE by filling out the form below. 👇

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