Here are 5 Art Resources you could use in your classroom


Sketchbook Drawing Prompts

Sketchbook assignments became a staple in my upper elementary art classes years ago when I started teaching off a cart. Initially intended for my students to complete as homework, it has also served as busy-work for my notorious early finishers and as emergency sub plans.

I love this resource because: it offers students choice & variety, meanwhile setting parameters and instilling structure in my classroom.

smART Picture Direction Cards

Tired of repeating myself, I created these picture cards last year as a visual support for my art students. When organized on a whiteboard vertically, these direction cards display each step and procedure clearly for all students to follow–no matter the age group.

I love this resource because: it teaches even my FSL students to answer their own questions, problem-solve, and ultimately gain independence as artists.

Art Book Companions aka Boom Cards

Are you looking for a way to integrate literacy into your art classes? These interactive and digital task cards are sure to be a hit with your elementary students! So far I have 11 sets in my collection, with more on the way.

I love these resources because: I can use them to (1) create engaging interactions and discussions after storytime, (2) reinforce art vocabulary that they have already learned, and (3) introduce new vocabulary to my FSL students without them feeling intimidated. 

Famous Artist Research Brochure

As an elementary art specialist, I know how hard it can be to find engaging and aesthetically pleasing art history research projects that are not only age-appropriate for students, but easy to follow as well!

I love this resource because: it’s interactive, engaging, cross-curricular, and STEAM-oriented. This project will have your students excited about using technology in your classroom for reasons OTHER than social media.

Frida Kahlo Biography & Art Activity

Fun Fact: Frida and I share the same birthday! The only difference is she was way cooler than I will ever be! Time and time again, my students love learning about this amazing artist’s life story and emulating her art style in their art appreciation artworks.

I love this resource because: it includes an in-depth artist biography (slideshow), along with a still-life mixed-media art activity. Bonus: It also comes bundled with a BOOM CARD activity.


smART Critique Aid & Sticky Notes

Have you downloaded my FREE art graphic organizer, yet?

For a long time I struggled with getting my students to formulate constructive criticism and employ art vocabulary whenever we went to talk about famous artists and artworks.

Free visual arts critique aid for elementary art teachers freebie

I love this FREE resource because: it’s easy to print and distribute, and comes with a graphic organizer checklist and sticky notes that can be easily used to create movement and dialogue within the art room. 

Good to know: This is just a sample of a much larger paid resource, smART Sticky Notes for Art, which was designed to help facilitate classroom and peer art critiques.

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