Hello there, teacher-friend.

My name is Stephanie, and I am the face behind Hope’s smART Studios. I’m a full-time teacher, busy mom of 4, and TPT seller. I started this blog back in 2020 just as I was embarking on my Teachers Pay Teachers journey.

You’re in the right place if you’re…

⭐️ Searching for tips and tricks to help you along your art teacher journey, especially if you’re a mobile art-on-a-cart teacher like me.
⭐️ An elementary teacher looking for creative lessons to increase student engagement.
⭐️ Looking for tools to streamline your classroom management and organization.
⭐️ A busy teacher mom looking for someone that understands your struggles at home and in the classroom.

Back in October 2020, as I was nearing the end of my last maternity leave, I decided to open up a Teachers Pay Teachers store. In all honesty, I opened up my shop because I was short on cash and needed a way to fund my weekly horseback riding lessons.

So as I started to figure out what sorts of resources I should create and potentially sell to other teachers around the globe, I quickly realized that there weren’t many TPT stores that catered to my teacher needs as a mobile multidisciplinary teacher (i.e. a teacher who goes from classroom to classroom teaching a variety of subjects).

Therefore, I set out with the intent to design creative and visual resources to help teachers increase student engagement which in turn would help with student success and classroom management. And thanks to my background in Art Education and Social Sciences, I dove deep into designing Art and STEAM resources.

As an art educator, I recognized a long time ago the importance of creativity and innovation when it comes to teaching this particular generation of children. With that said, I wanted Hope’s smART Studios to be part of a movement of teachers who foster critical thinking, create moments of inquiry-based learning, and equip students with problem-solving skills. In other words, I wanted my resources to help better prepare students for future career opportunities and make them life-long learners!

When I’m not busy teaching full-time and being a teacherpreneur, I love spending time with my husband, four girls, and friends. In my spare time, I enjoy baking buttery sugary goods, listening to podcasts, horseback riding, reading crime novels, skiing, and watching movies that make me laugh out loud.

Feel free to check out my TPT storefollow me on Instagram, or head on over to freebies page to snag new resources for your classroom.

Take care, Stephanie